What is Tui na?

Tui na (pronounced ‘twee na’) is a form of Chinese massage therapy developed specifically for healing.  Tui na is one of the four main branches of Chinese medicine – the other three being acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qi Gong. 

How does Tui na work?

Tui na is both a form of physical bodywork and a subtle energy medicine.  As a physical therapy it can be used to release muscles, tendons and ligaments, facilitating movement and reducing pain.  

As a form of energy medicine, it can be used to promote the flow of Qi, to restore balance and strengthen the body and mind. 

Tui na techniques

Tui na uses the same energetic system used in acupuncture, but treatment is done without the use of needles. 

Tui na techniques include acupressure,  finger, thumb, hand, arm and elbow movements, combined with rolling, pressing, pushing, stroking and grasping techniques.

Tui na can be vigorous and physically active or subtle and still, depending on the style of practitioner and the requirements of the treatment. Each Tui na technique has its own therapeutic qualities. 

What conditions can Tui na treat?

Tui na is a safe, calming and effective treatment for many internal conditions such as ….. arthritis, insomnia, digestive conditions, and external conditions such as back, shoulder, hip or neck pain ….. 

Tui na is often done as a stand alone treatment for infants and children. It is especially effective at treating digestive disorders such as constipation and colic, as well as respiratory disorders such as asthma or coughing. 

Treatment time 

45 minutes

What to expect from treatment

Tui na massage is done over clothing, so please wear lose, comfortable clothes.Tui na can be performed either sitting up in a chair or lying down on a massage table. 

There are no adverse effects associated with Tui na, however you may feel more tired after a treatment as the body makes its adjustments. Please arrive 10 minutes before your 1stappointment time to complete a brief health questionnaire.