I originally studied Fine Art and completed a BA in 2004. After running an artist’s studio for some years I decided to further my interest in acupuncture, natural science, martial arts, and qi gong  by perusing a career in East Asian Medicine.

I have now been working full-time as an acupuncturist, herbalist and tui-na practitioner for the last 10 years! I completed a BSc(Hons) in Acupuncture and a MSc(Hons) in Chinese Herbal Medicine from Westminster University.

I have taught acupuncture students in Westminster University’s polyclinic for five years. I also worked as a teacher of  Chinese Medicine theory adn practice. In addition I hold a qualification as a Qi gong teacher and enjoy cycling, playing music and painting in my free time.

I continue with my professional development by studying and practicing.

These are some of the teachers who have helped me through my development

Felicity Moir – clinical practice and patient care in East Asian medicine.

Rosie Grandage– Qi Gong Tui Na, and practice ethics

Cinzia Scorzon, clinical  reasoning in Acupuncture practice.

Volker Schied, -Clinical strategy in East Asian Herbal medicine

Dr. Edward Neal – ongoing Nei Jing acupuncture and theory studies

Dr. Arnaud Versluys, -ongoing  Shan Hun Lun Herbal medicine Studies

Lesley Moorcroft: -(My Mum &) Chinese Herbal Medicine clinical advisor.

Chris Ray Chappell- Qi gong, tai chi, and internal arts

Rupert Lander, Teaching skills

Jason Ho, – Biologist, personal life teacher

Xian Li Kang – Herbal and Tuina Clinic Skills.

Jeff Ri Zi – Kung fu and tai Chi

Andrew Nudgent-Head- Qi gong and Daoist Zang Fu Abdominal massage & Tui-na Skills

Ross Campbell, – Acupuncture clinical practice