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Qigong In Brighton and Hove.

Offering Group Classes and One-to-One training

Group classes Thursday 12pm -1pm

Monthly Classes on Sundays in 2022

@tree of life studio in Hove

One-to-One Sessions: available at flexible times Mon and Tue 9am -6pm .

One-To-one sessions are an excellent opportunity to develop a qi gong practice.

Qigong is a gentle and powerful exercise, the focus of qi gong is to improve the strength of your physical body, health and energy.  

Currently teaching qi gong in Brighton and Hove, at the Tree Of Life studio 145 portland road. I have been teaching qi gong since 2007 and now teach verity of styles that have been handed down to me by excellent teachers.

Below you can find videos looking at the first two moves of Dragon and Tiger qi gong. To find more written information about D&T please follow this link here


Dragon and Tiger Movment 1 with

(With Commentary)

Dragon and Tiger Movment 1

Qi Gong : The art of blancing body and mind

Qi Gong combines physical full body exercises and stretches with meditation. It is usually practiced in standing or sitting and has a very long history in China and East Asia. Images of people practicing qi gong or dao-yin postures and movements have been found in a tomb dating from 167 BCE.

The practice of Qi Gong is rooted in finding a natural balance. Getting in touch with the movements of nature and the study of Daoism, Chinese medicine and Acupuncture.



Why Study Qi Gong?

The benefits of qi gong are many; increase inner calm and well-being, release physical and emotional tension, find balance, and calm the heart/mind.


Qi Gong movements can be learned by anyone and are exceptional for releasing stagnant energy and optimizing your health.

CAll or text  me direct on 07411 789 333




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