At 19 i started training as an artist at the Byam Shaw School, before completing a BA in Fine Art in Manchester. After running an artists studio for two years I decided to further my interest Qi Gong and Classical Chinese texts and take a journey into in East Asian Medicine.

 East Asian Medicine experience

2004-2006 Wing Tsung and Qi Gong with Johny Walker

2007-2010  BSc(hons) Degree in Chines Medicine – Acupuncture at The University of  Westminster London. At this time the University felt like a village with 25 Acupuncturists teaching staff and 30 other professionally on the teaching team. 

2007-2009 Teacher Training in Hun-Yuan Qi Gong and training in Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong at Real Taoism studio Chris Ray Chappell

2011-12 Qi Gong Tui-Na body work course: Part-I external disease treatments: Part II internal disease treatment with Rosie Grandage, Sandra Hill & Xian Li Kang

2012-2014 MSc(hons) Masters in Chines Herbal Medicine at The University of  Westminster. London with many teachers including Yi Zhen Jia and Volker Schied  

2010- 2014  Dr. Arnaud Versluys Studies in Shang Hun Lun, Canonical Chinese Medicine Training Program (ongoing)  

2014-2015 Yin Style Qi Gong tui-na and Zhang Fu Abdominal Massage Andrew Nudgent-Head


In addition to my practice, I have been a teacher of clinic skills at  Westminster University and (2011-2016) the City College of Acupuncture  (2012-2016) and am a member of the British Acupuncture Council