Group Classes and One-to-One Qi Gong Lessons available

( Suspended while we are in tier 4) Public Classes : Tuesdays 630pm – 730pm  @ 145 Portland road Hove BN3 Tree Of Life Link –

One to One Sessions: Mon – Tue – Wed – 930 am –  Sat 930 am – 3pm

One-To-one sessions are a great opportunity to develop a practice specifically for yourself. The gentle and powerful expertise of Qi gong can improve your performance in any other sport and improve your health and well-being.

I have been teaching qi gong since completing a teacher training course in 2007 and now teach verity of styles that have been handed down to me by excellent teachers.  

Qi Gong : The art of blancing body and mind

Qi Gong combines physical exercises and stretches with meditation. It is usually practiced in standing or sitting and has a very long history in China, images of people practicing qi gong postures and
movements have been found in a tomb dating from 167 BCE.

The practice of Qi Gong is  rooted in finding a natural balance, and developing inner strength. Qi Gong draws in daoist philosophy: ‘By sitting still you can know the whole world’ . 

Why Study Qi Gong?

The benefits are many: release of tension, sense of calm and well being, a better understanding of yourself and your world, a sense of balance, a few moments to escape from a busy life.

Qi Gong movements can be learned by anyone and are exceptional for releasing stagnant energy and optimizing all bodily functions and developing a total sense of integrated calmness and balance.