Welcome, I'm Daniel Scott a Licensed Acupuncturist member of the BAcC

I had the good fortune to attend a three year full time BSc (Hons) in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture followed by a MSc(Hons) in Chinese Herbal Medicine from the University of Westminster. Since graduation in 2010 I have studied with master doctors from around the world, and worked as a teacher of clinical skills in Westminster Universities polyclinic for five years. I have also completed many postgraduate training courses including a diploma in Tui-Na massage and a Qi gong teacher training qualification.

Locations Tree of Life 143 Portland road BN3 (LINK)  or The Drive

AvailabilityMonday 9am - 7pm, Tuesday  9am - 7pm, Wednesday 9am - 7pm,  Thursday, 9am - 7pm

Appointments :(t) 07411  789 333 (e) info@sun-and-moon.co.uk  (c) Contact form


Your initial acupuncture treatment will last 60-90min. I assess and treat you as an individual, looking at all aspects of your health and lifestyle. Traditional Chinese methods of diagnosis are used, including taking your pulse, looking at your tongue and observing your posture. We then discuss the best approach for your treatment. This is often a combination of acupuncture and tuina massage. I will work with you to support changes in your diet, exercise, relaxation and general lifestyle.

Herbal Medicine

I spend time seeking out the very highest quality whole and powdered herbs. Herbs are available in many forms: teas, liquid extracts, tablets, granules, capsules, lotions, salves and poultices.

Based on the diagnosis and foundation of each individual, a patient is given a customized herbal formula, tailored especially for his or her constitution and designed to treat both the “root” and the “branches” of the health concern. This formula can be altered and fine-tuned from visit to visit. While chronic conditions may require the taking of herbs for extended periods, usually both patient and practitioner begin to see results within weeks–or even in the first few days.

Tree of Life Clinic

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